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Visit Vietnam’s Longest Graffiti Wall in Hue City

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Hue’s Graffiti Wall

As of Spring 2018, Hue City now hosts the longest wall of graffiti in Vietnam.
The wall is a collaboration of artists as part of the International Festival Meeting of Styles 2018.
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Vietnam’s longest graffiti wallAround 80 Artists from around the world came together in Hue to work on the wall. participants came from; South Africa, Singapore, Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia, France, the Maldives, Malaysian, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Ukraine, Chile, the USA and Greece as well as plenty of local artists from all regions of Vietnam.

Hue grit tour graffiti wall
Child portrait at Graffiti Wall

The event is  hosted every year by NC Store and local collectives Cafe 054 and Hue City Zoo helped organise the 2018 event in Hue. Other organizers and contributors included; Montana Colors, On the Run, MoT Store, Saigon Skate Shop, Syn bros, ZORBA, We are Wild Photography, DAMN, Ink Under Skin, All in One, Not Pop Tattoo, The Saigon Projects, DJJIN, Teddy Chilla, Kanu, LT Midside, High Kids Tattoo, Black Bear tattoo, Taurus Tattoo, OLDIE, DUNK ARE MAGAZINE and Cổ Động.

How to get to graffiti wall
Two toucans grace the wall

The wall spans around 820 metres; making it the longest wall of graffiti in Vietnam.

beautiful vietnam art
My personal favourite mural.

Organizers of MoS Vietnam 2018 are waiting for an independent adjudicator from Guinness World Records to check the challenge for the national record.

graffiti in Vietnam
Urban art in the village.

The event was held over five days with the majority of the artists working on the wall over the Saturday and Sunday. Meeting of Styles Vietnam concluded on the final day with a huge party next to the wall. Even though the party is well and truly over, the impressive collaboration that remains is worth visiting.

youth with spraycan

How to Get There

Hue’s Graffiti Wall is around 7KM from the city centre and sits on the road to Mo Rua Gardens Homestay. The roads there take you along the city’s outskirts. If you’re driving, it’s on route to the Abandoned Waterpark via the Bunker Hill.

The Graffiti Wall is in alley 78 (Kiệt 78) on Huyền Trân Công Chúa road. It’s easy to know if you’ve gone down the right alley since the graffiti starts very near the beginning of the entrance.
artwork runs on both sides of the wall. If the gates are closed to the other side, I’m assured there is a more discreet entrance near the wall’s beginning.
Graffiti Wall
Kiet 78 Huyen Tran Cong Chua
Meeting of Styles website.


Photos by Ana Fortuna

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