Say Goodbye to Hue’s Famous Abandoned Water Park

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Adventurous backpackers and tourists of the past may remember coming across one of Vietnam’s quirkier locations, Hue’s Abandoned Water park. A chain of failed development projects left behind a towering gothic dragon, a desolate crescent-shaped stadium stand and a few broken water slides leading into mouldy water.

waterpark slides vietnam
They who dared to slide the slide met with a mouldy plunge. Photo by Ana Fortuna

The Rise and Fall of the Hue Abandoned Water Park

As word snuck out on the traveller trail of this unsanctioned hotspot, the abandoned water park received increasing numbers of guests. Vloggers took drones to get shots of the location from dizzying heights. Social media influencers used it to further their accounts. Graffiti artists sprayed whatever space there was remaining to leave their tag.

graffiti abandoned waterpark
Tags from all over the world came to decorate the walls of the abandoned Waterpark. Photo by Ana Fortuna.


The park deteriorated with the wear and tear of regular visits. The local authorities started to regulate entry after a few unconfirmed acts of vandalism and injuries. Those regulations seemed inconsistent as people were completely denied access on some days and on others, entrance points were unguarded. Some backpacker forums even went as far as suggesting to bribe anyone that tries to stop readers from entering. It was understandable that authorities were not happy with unpermitted use of the land but considering its sudden rise in popularity; it seemed counterintuitive to deny people access to the water park, especially when that included a tourist demographic who were often skipping visiting Hue because of its reputation of being boring.

Abandoned Waterpark
The Bridge leading out of the dragon and towards the slides. Photo by Ana Fortuna

A New Hope for the Abandoned Waterpark

The time of Coronavirus has put a major hold on the tourism trade in Vietnam and given room for some major reconsiderations around the city. The Abandoned Waterpark appears to be one of those considerations.

Officials recently met to discuss redeveloping the Abandoned Waterpark . Taken from


According to news website, the government have put forward a project to rejuvenate the area by making it an official park. The website claims that the government will exploit the area by keeping remaining architecture and developing walking and bicycle routes. There is also a suggestion to use some land for raising animals or making a zoo. While plans aren’t definitive in the article, its publication suggests positive steps are being made to reinvigorate the area and reopen it to the public.

Abandoned waterpark Hue
Good times at the abandoned waterpark. Photo by Ana Fortuna.


Nevertheless, it is looking like Hue’s Abandoned Waterpark will no longer be abandoned!

If you didn’t get a chance to visit. You can watch some videos people made of it below.

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