Video: the Awakening of the Hue Citadel

The Best Time to See Urban Vietnam

The best time to see urban Vietnam is through the break of dawn. A friend and I recently agreed on this and shared hot-tips on where in the Hue Citadel we like to watch the city awaken. We aren’t the only people to think this. Small cafes are often full of customers before most foreigners are even awake. They sit facing the roads, drinking coffee to the crescendo of traffic that roars by. Everything is in transit and dawn provides optimism to the day’s grind.

the Awakening of the Hue Citadel

La Curiosidad del Viajero captured Hue’s morning ambiance with their recent production titled; ‘Hue – Amaneciendo en la Ciudad Imperia’ (‘Hue – the Awakening of the Hue Citadel’). The video contains an impressive overview of the citadel shot by a camera drone. The drone footage is the film’s main focus but the segments of the people are what I really enjoyed. Interspersed portraits of the local population gives a candid depiction of the city’s spirit. The bloggers were wise in shooting their footage from 4:30am. They stumbled across they country’s best kept secret; Vietnam at daybreak.

Watch the Awakening of the Imperial City below!

About the Videographers

Emilio and Fatima are from Spain and have been based in Ho Chi Minh City since March 2017. Aside from freelance work, they have a blog called La Curiosidad del Viajero (the Curious Traveller) where they write and capture their adventures in and around South-East Asia.

La Curiosidad del Viajero’s;

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