Video: Hue, Vietnam. History and incredible drone shots by Citizens of Everywhere

Citizens of Everywhere Hue Grit Tour
Video Still: Tu Do Sports Stadium

Hue was recently visited by vloggers Citizens of Everywhere. The young travelling historians crafted together a bitesized 2-part mini series of Hue. In the series, Aaron and Adam detail some of the more unique facts and landmarks dotted around the city. There are also some top-quality drone shots in the video. Watch the video below!

Video: History Lessons in the Old Capital

Citizens of Everywhere do a great job in their vlog. Although they only began their channel at the beginning of 2018, their videos are finely edited, well-researched and produce a view giggles. So far the other South-East Asian destinations they visited before Hue include Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ho Chi Minh City and Ninh Binh.

About Citizens of Everywhere

Citizens of Everywhere Hue Grit Tour
Citizens of Everywhere: Aaron and Adam

Adam and Aaron first came to South-East Asia in 2016 for a short trip in Thailand. In awe of their first encounter with Asian culture, they returned to their respective jobs back in the USA with the plan of saving money to travel Asia extensively.

Citizens of Everywhere Hue Grit Tour
Video Still: Thuy Tien Lake: the Abandoned Waterpark

Fast-forward to 2018 and the pair have been travelling for a while. Initially, their plan was to record videos for family and friends wishing to keep track of their travels. This eventually expanded into well thought-out videos aimed at tourists and holidaymakers planning to visit various SEA locations. Since their professional backgrounds are linked to technology and multimedia (Aaron in drone manufacturing and videogragphy, Adam as a graphic designer), they have plied their trades with the latest trends in vlogging to give refreshing perspectives of the locations they feature.

Citizens of Everywhere Hue Grit Tour
Video Still: Khai Dinh Tomb

When asked what their favourite location is so far, Adam responded that he has enoyed Ninh Binh the most. Originally planning to spend just three days their, they extended their trip to a week since there was so much to discover there. As for Vietnam: ‘There’s something about the beauty and history of Vietnam, as well as cost, that will be hard to top.’

Video: Exploring the Abandoned Waterpark

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