Hue Walking Guide

Walking Hue: A Walker’s Guide to Hue!

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After two stints working in Hue, walking enthusiast Philip Thomas left with a departing gift for the city that brought him so much joy – an open-access walking guide detailing a handful of the lesser-observed gems in and around the city. Unlike some of the crash grab publications available for autonomous travellers, the Walking Hue guide provides thorough advice and intimate descriptions, all with a personal touch. 


6 Walking Itineraries in and out of Hue City

The Walking Hue Guide includes 6 itineraries that each bring different perspectives inside and outside the city. It works well for people who want to explore Hue without the costs of public transport or the dangers of renting a motorbike. From the national park Bach Ma to a leisurely stroll along the Huong River, itineraries come in varying difficulty levels and even the most ill-equipped walker will find itineraries to suit them.

Wlaking Hue Guide Kim Long

Walking Guide For Walkers in Hue, Written by a Passionate Walker

Philip Thomas lived and worked in Hue as a business advisor in 2017 and 2019. He enjoyed spending his free time exploring different parts of the city by foot, something that brings a closer understanding to a location than a vehicle:

‘While walking you can engage with a place differently from when you’re passing through on a motorbike or a car. You see more detail – like who are the best badminton players at Nam Giao, you hear and smell things – like the resin from the pine trees or the muddy water in the moat, you engage with people as you go – like the retired science teacher telling me how gentle are the women of Hue, and you see changes happening like the new flower gardens along the Citadel walls.’

While travelling may take a toll on your finances, there is no better way to become accustomed to a city than a budget-friendly walk and the Walking Guide to Hue is your perfect companion!

Images from Walking Hue by Philip Thomas

Book cover illustration by Phan Nguyen Bao Ngoc.

Bach ma Walking Guide







************Philip’s OPEN ACCESS PDF WALKING HUE can be found here ************

You can read our interview with Philip here.

Philip is available to contact at

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