Hue Grit Tour: Vietnam’s Most Unique Culture Tour

Hue Grit Tour: An Exploration of Contemporary Vietnamese Culture by Night

  • 4-5 unique locations providing a kinesthetic experience of Vietnamese experience.
  • Custom-made tours. We create our itinerary on what we think you will enjoy.
  • 4-5 hours. Tours begin from 6PM.
  • Tour is all inclusive and includes dinner (No additional food fees, eat as much as you like! One drink per location).

Transport will be provided either by motorbike, private car or cyclo depending on number of guests, guest preferences, weather and the distance traveled.

Contact us to find out if this tour is right for you.

Sample Hue Grit Tour Itinerary

1) Meeting Point

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam

To  begin the Hue Grit Tour, you will meet your guide at a cafe renowned for being one cornerstone of Hue’s slowly-growing sub-cultural movement.

2) Eat Like a Local

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam food

Guests await the infamous seafood hotpot (Lẩu tiến vua) at Rô Beer restaurant.

For dinner, we will stop at Hue’s nightlife district for a full introduction to the Vietnamese cultural equivalent of the speakeasy. This is vibrant and communal. We’ll give you a lesson in Vietnamese dining customs and cultural tips.

 3) Relax

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam massage Cupping massage (giac hoi).

We will visit a more intimate environment to cure any ailments or loosen a few limbs before the entertainment begins.

 4) Enjoy

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam Tran and guests at karaoke

Brave the microphone for some RnR at a Vietnamese-style karaoke room or head to a local music venue. Try a renowned Vietnamese classic or a 90’s western pop hit!

 5) Last Stop(s)

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam
Three-ball Pool Hall

our final destination depends on your preferences. Multiple possibilities for the last few stops of the Hue Grit Tour will be discussed with your guide over the duration of the evening.

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam Fortune telling down the back-alleys of Hue.

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam smoking Smoking tobacco the Vietnamese way

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam Food
Late-night fast food snacks

About Hue Grit Tour

  • This is for people that want a taste of a real, urban Vietnam.
  • We will take you to places that heighten your curiosity.
  • We want to elevate your sense of culture shock.
  • This is not for people who want 5 star service and European decor. You may feel mildly offended.
  • We’ll only push you as far as you will go; whether that’s an unpeeled shrimp or a dog sausage.

Grit Tour Hue Travel Vietnam Ken and Victoria

Hue Grit Tour


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