Hue VietNow Tour

A discussion-based tour that brings guests and tour guide together on modern-day issues and events surrounding Vietnam and Hue.

Hue Grit Tour current affairs tour Vietnow
  • Start time: 13:00 (flexible)
  • Duration: ~3 Hours
  • Location: Hue, Vietnam
  • Number of Guests: 1-6 (private parties may include more guests)

What is This Tour About?

  • A short tour exploring events and themes that currently occupy local public opinion and thoughts.
  • Facilitated in contextually relevant locations of living culture around the city.
  • Offers opportunities for discussion between guest and guide for cultural and opinion exchanges.

This tour was created to give guests a greater understanding of Vietnam today. In an attempt to evade stereotypes often overused in overseas representation of Vietnam , itineraries are constantly updated to keep relevant with the present. Tours offer three case studies on current affairs and offer a combination of written articles, interviews, guest-guide dialogical exchanges and relevant locations for a deeper understanding of modern Vietnam.

Where We Go (Example Itinerary)

We take a short walk to three cafes in Hue which use the war history as the theme to decorate their spaces. 

With the nation becoming increasingly wealthier, the middle-class continues to grow and businesses grow on expendable wealth.We visit various shopping outlets and what this indicates for the future.

A reflection on the Me Too movement in 2018 and how the extent it has changed gender relations in Vietnam.

The Details - How to Prepare for the Tour

Please wear clothing respective to the weather on the day of the tour. It would be advised to bring waterproofs or an umbrella if the forecast is scheduled to rain.

Vietnow is a walking tour. If the guest prefers to take private transport, taxis can be arranged between each location at the expense of the guests. Guides will inform you of the length of each walk before beginning the tour.

This tour is donation based! Meaning that food and drinks can be bought at the decision of the guest. It is strongly recommended to have some money for drinks or snacks at respective stops but this isn’t essential.

Since this tour is free, we also really appreciate tips for our guides.

The tour can include a large amount of walking depending on the ever-changing itinerary. Although there are no strenuous terrains, there is an inconsistent variety of paths in the city. It is strongly recommended to wear footwear that you feel comfortable walking in. 

Mosquitoes can be an issue at certain times of the year. If you are not wearing clothing that covers your legs and ankles, we advise you to use mosquito spray.

The best Vietnow tours are when guests are engaged with the case studies we present and discuss them with their guide. We want to break the mould of one-way monologues that are easily forgotten shortly after the tour. We craves your questions and applaud interaction. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and offer questions, opinions, comparisons, personal experiences and speculation to the Vietnow tour! 


  • Prepare tour fee and Citadel fee in advance (if not prepaid)
  • Shoes for walking
  • Suitable clothing
  • Mosquito spray (if you wish)
  • Engagement!


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