Vegetarian Food Tour

An evening of Vietnamese meat-free treats.

banh my sandwich vietnam hue Tam Duc
  • Start time: 17:00
  • Duration: 4 Hours
  • Location: Hue, Vietnam
  • Included: Dinner, Transport
  • Number of Guests: 1-5 (private parties may include more guests)

What is This Tour About?

  • Belly-filling vegetarian food tour that takes you to the best vegetarian food spots in Hue!
  • Variety of popular vegetarian dishes that replicate local dishes or go their own way!
  • Variety of locations including street food and higher-end eating!
Travelling as a vegetarian or vegan can be tough. it can often lead having to over rely on outdated online resources or hopelessly wandering the streets hoping something will magically appear. Fear not! This tour takes you to a variety of restaurants to try not only the best vegetarian dishes in town but some that even replicate local Hue foods. Luckily, being the undisputed capital of Buddhism in Vietnam, the city has a variety of restaurants that not only provide some of the more obvious Vietnamese dishes in vegetarian form but also some that put their own spin on things.
Led by a former vegetarian of 15 years and Hue resident. You know you’ll be in good hands.

The Details - How to Prepare for the Tour

All costs for food, drinks and transport are covered on this tour. 

Unless you have paid for your tour in advance, please prepare for the tour fee to pay at the meeting point. We only accept Vietnamese Dong. If you have any trouble with converting cash or finding an ATM, please let us know in advance and we will give you advice for this.

Be sure to include any allergies, dislikes or special requests with your order. Although we try to cater for everyone, there are some things that are difficult to avoid. Please let us know whether you are vegetarian or vegan at the beginning of the tour!

The walking on this tour is generally short and we mostly take private transport to each location. The roads are uneven and can catch you off-guard. Please wear suitable footwear.

If it is hot, wear cool clothing. If it is raining, wear clothing that dry quickly. These things are not essential since we spend most of the tour undercover but are advised. Most restaurants on this tour having fans or air conditioning units whereas a few do not.

Mosquitoes can be an issue at certain times of the year. If you are not wearing clothing that covers your legs and ankles, we advise you to use mosquito spray.

Facilities and hygiene on this tour are usually to higher standard than on our other food tours. Nevertheless, if you are someone that likes to use hand sanitizer then we do not discourage you from bringing it.

Transport after the tour is included providing it is within 2km of the concluding location.

Transport to the meeting point is not included but we can pick you up for an additional fee.

The concept of this tour is to explore environments and activities that you may not be familiar with. For some people, that takes a little courage and maybe a hand to hold. Other people don’t raise eyebrows. Everyone is different. We’re there to give gentle encouragement and like any good host, we will go first if we must, Just Ask


  • Prepare tour fee in advance (if not prepaid)
  • Shoes for short walks
  • Suitable clothing
  • Mosquito spray (if you wish)
  • Hand sanitizer (if you wish)
  • Empty Stomachs!


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