Hue Grit Food Tour

We guide you to some of Hue’s best food spots with healthy sides of food history and anthropology. Local places only!

Che sweet dessert Vietnamese
  • Start time: 17:00 - 18:00
  • Duration: ~5 Hours
  • Location: Hue, Vietnam
  • Included: Food and Drink
  • Number of Guests: 1-6 (private parties may include more guests)

What is This Tour About?

  • Learn about Hue’s historical gastronomy through our carefully curated and well-researched food tour.
  • Visit off the beaten track street food spots frequented by Hue people.
  • Leave us knowing how to eat Vietnamese food and more about those mysterious condiments and sides on the table

As former capital and home to the last feudal emperors of Vietnam, Hue’s legacy on national cuisine claims home to approximately 80% of all dishes. Furthermore, Hue’s close proximity to the sea and mountains and the Huong River that runs through the middle of the city means that a variety of food sources contributed to a diverse and decadent cuisine throughout the 19th century. We explore a variety of strictly regional specialties, their history and the living culture that surrounds them.

This is far from your standard food tour! We take you to a variety of authentic environments that are popular with Vietnamese clientele. We hope this brings you to a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture as well as some culinary experiences you won’t getwith anyone else!

Where We Go

We’ll coffee kick off at a cafe that specialises in the hot brew with a special twist…even coffee haters admit enjoying this!

While we’re there, we’ll break ice and add it to our drink. We’ll also cover some primers relating to coffee’s special relationship with Vietnam as well as do a quick check on what’s to come on the food tour.

With a wander around the Imperial Citadel, we’ll get acquainted with some favourite cornerstone Hue bites as well as a few other overlooked treats from central Vietnam. We’ll head to a minimum of 7 food locations and endless drinks.

What would a food tour be without its location? We stop off at a few non-food locations for a better grasp of Hue history and culture.

The Details - How to Prepare for the Tour

All costs for food and drink are covered on this tour. Transport at the beginning and end of each tour is not included in the price. We can help you arrange a taxi to your preferred location at the end of the tour.

Unless you have paid for your tour in advance, please prepare for the tour fee to pay at the meeting point. We only accept Vietnamese Dong. If you have any trouble with converting cash or finding an ATM, please let us know in advance and we will give you advice for this.

Be sure to include any allergies, dislikes or special requests with your order. Although we try to cater for everyone, there are some things that are difficult to avoid.

Vegetarian and vegan food is hard to cater for on this tour unless the entire group agrees on eating meat free for the meal. There are some dishes available at the restaurant(s) on this tour but they don’t generally cater for vegetarians or vegans. If you are a vegeatrian or vegan, we strongly suggest you to take our vegetarian food tour.

This is a walking tour so it is best for guests to bring shoes comfortable for walking.

If it is hot, wear cool clothing. If it is raining, wear clothing that dry quickly. These things are not essential since we spend most of the tour undercover but are advised. 

We will provide umbrellas if it is raining. 

Mosquitoes can be an issue at certain times of the year. If you are not wearing clothing that covers your legs and ankles, we advise you to use mosquito spray.

We have been told to encourage the vendors we visit to suit our clients but that goes against our ‘staged authenticity’ principle.

We’re keeping it real!

That means some of our locations are minimal on facilities such as WCs and air conditioning. Furthermore, hygiene can be below western expectations. Most people are not troubled by this while others bring hand sanitizer and toilet paper. 

Our lovely hosts are great at facilitating their guests and do what they can and we will also do our best to point out available facilities at each location.

Transport after the tour is included providing it is within 2km of the concluding location.

Transport to the meeting point is not included but we can pick you up for an additional fee.

We get through A LOT of food on this tour so be prepared to tickle those taste buds and open a few notches on that belt.

We want our guests to finish the tour FULL.

If you find love at first bite with one specific dish, don’t hesitate to ask for more.

If you are still looking for more food at the end of the tour, tell us! And we can get you to one more location to fill that space

The concept of this tour is to explore environments and activities that you may not be familiar with. For some people, that takes a little courage and maybe a hand to hold. Other people don’t raise eyebrows. Everyone is different. We’re there to give gentle encouragement and like any good host, we will go first if we must, Just Ask


  • Prepare tour fee in advance (if not prepaid)
  • Shoes for short walks
  • Suitable clothing
  • Mosquito spray (if you wish)
  • Hand sanitizer (if you wish)
  • Grit!
  • Empty Stomachs!


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