Hue Grit Food Tour: A Gritty Perspective on Hue’s Local Dishes

Hue Grit Food Tour. Off the Beaten Track. 8 dishes. 3 Different Drinks. 3-4 Hours. All Inclusive.

From July 2018, we’re proud to present our new food tour. An evening of exclusive Hue dishes from the Imperial City.

  • 8 different Hue dishes and 3 different beverages.
  • Visit different locations (including meeting point).
  • 3.5 hours (on average).
  • Tours begin from 6PM.
  • Walking Hue Food tour through the citadel. Average walk 4 minutes. Furthest 10 minutes.
  • Tour is all inclusive (No additional food fees, eat as much as you like! One drink per location).


Hue Grit Food Tour
A gritty exploration of Hue food.

Why take the Hue Grit Food Tour

  • We’re the cheapest food tour in town!
  • No more than 6 people per tour! We like to keep things a bit exclusive.
  • We focus on the culinary richness of Hue specialty food meaning all the food originates from Hue City.
  • We’ll take you to some of the best locations for each dish. Places that you wouldn’t necessarily go to alone.
  • Eating the dish is half the experience. Knowing how to eat them is just as important! We’ll show you how on the Hue food tour.
  • Ever taken a tour with an annoying tour guide? Not on the Hue Grit Food tour. We choose our tour guides on their hospitality and understanding of what guests want on the Hue Food Tour.
  • Still hungry after the final location? No worries, we’ll get another one in.

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Hue Grit Food Tour
Nem Lụi, Hue-style!

Hue Grit Food Tour Questions:

What kinds of foods are included in the tour?

We focus strictly on foods that originate from Hue or have their own unique Hue variation.

I am allergic to gluten, will this be a problem on the tour?

No. There are very few foods on this tour that include gluten. Check out this well-written guide to eating gluten-free in Vietnam.

Hue Grit Food Tour
Guests getting stuck in!

I am a vegetarian/vegan/don’t eat meat, is this tour suitable for me?

Most dishes include meat and/or seafood and getting foods at these locations that include no animal product is incredibly difficult. We are happy to offer you a seperete tour focussing on vegan food. please contact for more info. other wise, we’ve also compileda fantastic list on traditional hue foods that include veggie alternatives. We also have a highly-popular list of Hue’s greatest vegetarian restaurants.

I’m looking for more ‘extreme’ foods, rather than traditional food, do you provide this?

Of course! We’ve already had customers request this and an itinerary set up. Please contact for more information.

Can I have a tailor-made food tour?

Sure! We are happy to provide you what you are looking for. Please contact and we’ll see if we can make it possible.

Hue Grit Food Tour
Hue Grit Food Tour

Hue Grit Tour

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