Come Dine With Me

Beer and food! An alliance ritually celebrated in Vietnam. We’ll guide you to a better understanding of the concept of nhậu

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  • Start time: 18:00
  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Location: Hue, Vietnam
  • Included: Food, Drinks
  • Number of Guests: 2+

What is Come Dine With Me About?

  • Vietnamese style dining experience set in a popular local restaurant.
  • Master the beer hall dining etiquette and a few key phrases in Vietnamese accompanied with a banquet of good food.

The quán nhậu is a conerstone of  food culture few tourists touch upon while visiting Vietnam yet such an intrinsic part of Vietnamese gastronomy. We’ll take you to one of our favourite dining locations for some top beer hall dishes and while we’re there, your guide will get you familiar with some basic key phrases and practices.

The Details - How to Prepare for the Tour

All costs for food and drink are covered in Come Dine With Me.

Unless you have paid for your tour in advance, please prepare for the tour fee to pay at the meeting point. We only accept Vietnamese Dong. If you have any trouble with converting cash or finding an ATM, please let us know in advance and we will give you advice for this.

Be sure to include any allergies, dislikes or special requests with your order. Although we try to cater for everyone, there are some things that are difficult to avoid.

Vegetarian and vegan food is hard to cater for on this tour. There are some dishes available at the restaurant but they don’t generally do service for vegetarians or vegans looking for great Vietnamese food. Alternatively, book onto our vegetarian food tour!

Mosquitoes can be an issue at certain times of the year. If you are not wearing clothing that covers your legs and ankles, we advise you to use mosquito spray.

We have been told to encourage the vendors we visit to suit our clients but that goes against our ‘staged authenticity’ principle.

We’re keeping it real!

That means some of our locations are minimal on facilities such as WCs and air conditioning. Furthermore, hygiene can be below western expectations. Most people are not troubled by this while others bring hand sanitizer and toilet paper. 

Our lovely hosts are great at facilitating their guests and do what they can and we will also do our best to point out available facilities at each location.

You will be sent the meeting point well in advance of the tour. Please arrange transport to the meeting point. We can help arrange transport after Come Dine With Me.

The concept of this tour is to explore environments and activities that you may not be familiar with. For some people, that takes a little courage and maybe a hand to hold. Other people don’t raise eyebrows. Everyone is different. We’re there to give gentle encouragement and like any good host, we will go first if we must, Just Ask


  • Prepare tour fee in advance (if not prepaid)
  • Suitable clothing
  • Mosquito spray (if you wish)
  • Hand sanitizer (if you wish)
  • Grit!


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