Hue Food: 10 Local Dishes You Must Try When You’re in Hue, Vietnam

10 Hue Foods You Must Try Regional specialty dishes are often overlooked by visitors travelling Vietnam. While pho and banh mi are world-renowned as Vietnamese food, there are some less-discovered creations awaiting your enjoyment in every province of the country. This is especially true for local Hue food. The city's cultural heritage and long-standing affluence … Continue reading Hue Food: 10 Local Dishes You Must Try When You’re in Hue, Vietnam

Competition May 2018: #SticktheGrit. Winners Announced!

For May 2018, we at Hue Grit Tour had an instagram competition and the competition has come to a close. Considering the competition lasted an entire month, we only had five entries. Considering that we had five prizes on offer it's great that every entry won! It also great to see entries include three different continents … Continue reading Competition May 2018: #SticktheGrit. Winners Announced!

Ho Thuy Tien: Hue’s Decaying Abandoned Waterpark

An Abandoned Waterpark? Ho Thuy Tien is Hue’s well-renowned abandoned waterpark. It’s fame comes in the growing number of  tourists who head there as an alternative sightseeing location. The abandoned waterpark’s  urban decay is a landscape perfect for a post-apocalyptic movies. The History Ho Thuy Tien was built over a three year process and opened … Continue reading Ho Thuy Tien: Hue’s Decaying Abandoned Waterpark

Hue Festival 2018: Five Events you Shouldn’t Miss

Hue Festival is back for 2018! The unmissable biennial event will take place between Friday 27th April to Wednesday 2nd May. The Hue Festival includes cultural and contemporary performances from both Vietnam and around the world. We've gone through the Hue Festival schedule and chosen 5 events that are not to be missed!*schedule is still … Continue reading Hue Festival 2018: Five Events you Shouldn’t Miss

Five Fantastic Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Hue

Restaurants on the 'pancake trail' serve some really shitty Vietnamese vegetarian food, fact. With confidence, I can say that the best vegetarian and vegan food usually lies outside the tourist areas. I've written this article to help you find good Vietnamese vegetarian and vegan food. I may have lost any ethical standing on the Hue Grit Tour, but I still know how to find a few decent vegetarian restaurants in Hue.

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Video: Vietnamese Traffic in Central Vietnam

While I was sipping sugar cane juice and philosophizing about the joys of rush-hour traffic, Mitch had carefully placed his video camera on our table towards the crossroads and pressed the record button. Along with some careful editing, Mitch produced a two-wheeled ballet synchronized to a shoegaze instrumental.

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Hue’s Bizarre Snack Corner

What we like most about Pisshead's Corner is the range of characters you will meet.