Dharma Hip Hop: Listen to the new Buddhist hip-hop album by LT Midside

Many years ago, Wu Tang Clan and NWA brought eastern thought to a hip hop audience but seldom are the spheres of hip-hop brought into eastern thought. LT2564 , the most recent album of Hue MC LT Midside, is the perfect amalgamation of rap and spirituality. Instead of community-focussed lyrics or street hustling anecdotes for […]

Housebound? Bring Vietnam Into Your Home During Coronavirus

Phuong Khau

Five Ways to Bring Vietnam Into Your Home During the Coronavirus Epidemic As global cases of Covid-19 have soared dramatically this month, self isolation has become a reality for most people internationally. Now that my access to the outdoors is somewhat limited by the coronavirus, I have had to continue my passion for Vietnam within […]

Cafe Gac Trinh: the Trinh Cong Son House in Hue

Trinh Cong Son Hue

Ask anyone from Vietnam who Trinh Cong Son is and they’ll either recite you some of his lyrics or tell you about the significance of his music. Son’s compositions of around 600 songs span over 30 years of Vietnamese history. International press dubbed Trinh Cong Son the Bob Dylan of Vietnam. His blend of folk […]