People Watching in Vietnam and Some of Hue’ best spots

People Watching

One of the reasons I love living in Vietnam is that i’ a country buzzing with activity. Some countries you have to hunt for the action but in Vietnam the action comes to you. It’ right on your doorstep. Nothing makes me more excited to leave my house than the unpredictable environment of the streets. Read more “People Watching in Vietnam and Some of Hue’ best spots”

Motorbike Rental in Hue: Hoang’s Motorbike Shop

Vietnam still lacks efficient public-transport systems that benefit tourists looking for full access to the country. Walking can only provide you so much depth to a city. Large volumes of traffic and the humidity can make cycling exhausting. Hailing Taxis are a bingo of driver irresponsibility; Will they take you to the right place? Could they overcharge you? Will they drive safely? (NB: I’ve rarely experienced any problems with drivers but it’s not uncommon to hear tourists talking about taxi scams).