Visit Vietnam’s Longest Graffiti Wall in Hue City

Hue’s Graffiti Wall

Graffiti Wall Hue Grit TourAs of Spring 2018, Hue City now hosts the longest wall of graffiti in Vietnam.

Graffiti Wall Hue Grit TourThe wall is a collaboration of artists as part of the International Festival Meeting of Styles 2018. Continue reading “Visit Vietnam’s Longest Graffiti Wall in Hue City”

Hue Cafe

054 Cafe Hue: Community, Urban Art and Creativity

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world. Unlike many other countries, Vietnam’s relationship with the caffeinated beverage has produced a cafe culture that is poetic in simplicity. Even with the introduction of Starbucks to Vietnam, locals have mostly kept to their favored soft-drink spots over the modernity of multinational conglomerates. Coffee is the People’s drink and you’ll rarely find anyone that doesn’t have a cafe to recommend. Coffee shops come in every variation imaginable. Owners can be artistic in their interior design and particular about the atmospheres they create. One of my favorite cafes of recent times is 054 Cafe Hue. Continue reading “054 Cafe Hue: Community, Urban Art and Creativity”