Cafe Gac Trinh: the Trinh Cong Son House in Hue

Ask anyone from Vietnam who Trinh Cong Son is and they’ll either recite you some of his lyrics or tell you about the significance of his music. Son's compositions of around 600 songs span over 30 years of Vietnamese history. International press dubbed Trinh Cong Son the Bob Dylan of Vietnam. His blend of folk … Continue reading Cafe Gac Trinh: the Trinh Cong Son House in Hue

Things To Do in Hue: 10 Pro Tips and Activities From a Hue Resident

There's a general misconception with backpackers on the banana pancake trail. Hue allegedly has nothing to offer it's visitors except for a citadel and an abandoned waterpark. Let me tell you that those people are quite simply banana pancakes. There's plenty of things to do in Hue. Hue is definitively the place to get to … Continue reading Things To Do in Hue: 10 Pro Tips and Activities From a Hue Resident

Ho Thuy Tien: Hue’s Decaying Abandoned Waterpark

An Abandoned Waterpark? Ho Thuy Tien is Hue’s well-renowned abandoned waterpark. It’s fame comes in the growing number of  tourists who head there as an alternative sightseeing location. The abandoned waterpark’s  urban decay is a landscape perfect for a post-apocalyptic movies. The History Ho Thuy Tien was built over a three year process and opened … Continue reading Ho Thuy Tien: Hue’s Decaying Abandoned Waterpark

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Video: Vietnamese Traffic in Central Vietnam

While I was sipping sugar cane juice and philosophizing about the joys of rush-hour traffic, Mitch had carefully placed his video camera on our table towards the crossroads and pressed the record button. Along with some careful editing, Mitch produced a two-wheeled ballet synchronized to a shoegaze instrumental.

Hue Cafe

054 Cafe Hue: Community, Urban Art and Creativity

Service in the South-East Asian tourist industry can be mechanical and contrived, 054 Cafe is unintruding and laid-back in serving it's patrons. It is also one of Hue's few establishments where the cultural appropriation (particularly of hip-hop) is organic and contextually relevant. In a country largely obsessed with the soppiest of pop, it's great to find a place that kindly respects the ear-drums of music lovers.

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*Closed* Mo Rua Garden: Beatnik Homestay in Hue *Closed*

The homestay is a work in progress. Vivid, a bit rough, a bit eccentric, cheap as chips and still finding what it wants to be; much like you, me and everyone else in the world.

Grit Tour Hue Vietnam friends

Hue’s Bizarre Snack Corner

What we like most about Pisshead's Corner is the range of characters you will meet.