Beach Of Hue: Thuan An Fishing Town. The Allure of the Sea

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Thuan An Beach for 2019

Thuan An is Hue’s closest beach. Around 15KM from the city centre, it isn’t as tourist-convenient as the beaches that serve Hoi An or Danang but it’s charm and the variety on offer makes it a worthy day trip. Thuan An is a small fishing village with a population of around 21,000. While a resort and some villas have cropped up, Thuan An has retained it’s strong cultural identity tied closely with the sea. Ultimately, this means cheap seafood, cheap beer, strips of sparsely-populated beach and an authentic culture to discover!

Places to Relax

Tân An Coffee and Homestay

Thuan An Beach Hue Grit Tour

Owned and operated by a bunch of local guys from Thuan An town. Tan An Homestay and Cafe is a rough and ready project that serves as a scatty bar and sleeping quarters right on the beach. Seafood restaurant next door will provide the freshest seafood for a good price and bring it to wherever you are sitting.  Popular with Hue people who often make the trip here for hangouts. More lively in the evenings when parties occasionally occur. Tan An Homestay and Coffee makes for a good photoshoot with your mates. Be aware this isn’t for the health and safety-concerned folk. This ias bedouin as it gets in central Vietnam. Location is a bit difficult but is easy to find with google maps. 

Tan An Coffee and Homestay
Thuan An Beach
Facebook page

Beach Bar Hue

beach hue grit tour thuan an
Beach Bar Hue serves as a splurge for people looking for a comfortable afternoon by the sea. The bar is spacious and well-equipped with loungers and chairs both in and out of sunlight. The owner Michele built the Beach Bar from scratch, beginning in 2006. Now it also serves as a hostel with beach huts and includes the intimate yet luxurious Villa Louise. The beach in this area is well-maintained and the décor has a very personal touch. Vietnamese and western food is served through the day. 150,00VND entrance fee which will subsidize your bill when ordering food and drinks. Beach Bar Xuan An road Phu Thuan village Facebook page Tripadvisor page

Places to Eat

Seafood Beach Strip

The real Vietnamese beach experience! A small part of Thuan An beach includes restaurants that serve the freshest seafood. A never-ending list of seafood including; shrimp, snails, clams, oysters, fish, octopus and many more. All prepared in the local style. Local residents run these restaurants and their livelihoods stem from their childhood relationship with the ocean. Highly popular with residents and local tourists. Eating seafood in Vietnam can be a bit of challenge. If you haven’t done it before, watch the nearby tables. Seafood Beach Strip Hoa An Street Thuan An Beach

Banh Ep Thuan An

Banh Ep is usually accredited as a Hue dish but a little-known fact is that it originates from Thuan An town. It’s a thin fried flour pancake that is used to wrap a combination of meat, salad and herbs into a spring-roll like snack, dipped delicately into spicy-fish sauce before consumption. Best as a snack but can be ordered to make a full meal. There are plenty of places providing ban ep in Thuan An but there are a barrage of restaurants around the address provided below.

Bánh Ép Cây Xoài Hoang Quang Thuan An Town

Places to Sleep

Villa Louise / Beach Bar

As well as a place for visitors of Hue to eat and relax. Beach bar offers cabins and huts sitting on the shoreline for affordable prices. Great for backpackers in small and large groups who fancy a quiet social night by the beach. Well-equipped with wifi and plenty of electronic-points for nomads who may have a bit of work to do. While only a stone’s throw from the Beach Bar, Villa Louise offers a completely different experience. A boutique resort with three swimming pools and some fancy furniture. Each room has a jacuzzi. Great for couples looking for a reclusive get away. Villa Louise Xuan An road Phu Thuan village Facebook page Tripadvisor page

Ana Mandara

Ana Mandara is the only ‘resort’ in Thuan An beach. Ideal for families who are more concerned about the safety of their children and nothing to go wrong. It’s not a personal recommendation but its focus to meet international standards means it’s a safe bet. Food is pricey and underwhelming. If Ana Mandara is your consideration while travelling, I would advise you to consider making the 100KM trip south and finding better resorts in Danang or Hoi An.

Ana Mandara Resort
Thuan An Town

Explore Thuan An

Ice Cream Vietnam Hue Grit Tour Danang
If you have the determination to explore by yourself, there is plenty of things to find at the beach town. Aside from the long strip of beach itself, there are uncountable amounts of small-budget restaurants and family businesses around the town. It may not be the liveliest of towns but it’s sleepy state is perfect for the breather between the tourist-heavy cities such as Hue and Hoi An. The beach isn’t Thuan An’s only beautiful feature, the Sam lagoon runs adjacent and joins the larger Cau Hai lagoon southwards. The community’s history and culture largely derives from their long association with fishing and the sea. It’s a great opportunity to view local fishing life. Locals are really friendly and more than happy to share their experiences with you. If you feel like heading further afield from Hue, we also have a list of other places to visit nearby. Check out the article here.

How to Get There

Grab Taxi/Motorbike

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Rent a motorbike: The best way

If you’re brave enough to take on the Vietnamese roads, then renting a bike is probably the best way to visit Thuan An beach. It will offer you the flexibility to visit all the above places, stop for some beautiful views and discover some places for yourself. Rent from our good friends at Buy Sell Rent Motorbikes Hue.

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