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Hue’s Bizarre Snack Corner

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Hue is renowned across the country for the distinct foods that originate from the city. Many of them consist of rice and shrimp in and aren’t of much interest to tourists. Step outside of the tourist area and there are a few places where the atmosphere exceeds the importance of the food.

Snack Corner

Snack Corner sits at the crossing between Dien Bien Phu street and Phan Chau Trinh street. It overlooks the An Cuu river and a small bridge. It’s not too clear when the restaurants on this corner open or close, but our preferred location goes on well into the night selling Banh Beo and beer.

Phuong runs the snack spot that doubles up as a convenience store. While she is highly proactive in keeping patrons and passersby entertained, she also assigns small tasks to her children who accept them begrudgingly.

People Watching

What we like most about Pisshead’s Corner is the range of characters you will meet. The owner works tirelessly at her front living doubles up as convenience store and a light-food spot. Train porters drop-by for their favourite snack after a long gruelling day at the station. The friendly androgynous woman who is always drinking beer but seems to volunteer help when the owner needs it. The business men who refuse to go home when it’s six hours until they go back to work. Pisshead’s Corner promises a buzzing atmosphere that is bound to keep you engaged.

Milo’s Gritty Haircut

Androgynous women are hard to come by in Hue. Being one of them, Milo is a leading example of what the Grit Tour is all about.

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