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*finished*Hue Craft Festival 2019: Top 5 Highlights Not to Miss *finished*

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It is my favourite state-sponsored event and thus my favourite time of the year, Hue Craft Festival 2019! From the 26th April to 2nd May 2019, the People’s Committee of Hue will be hosting the city’s annual festival, celebrating a combination of traditional practices and regional disciplines. While 2019 isn’t on as epic scale as the 2018 and upcoming 2020 festival, Hue Festival 2019 (known titively as Hue Crafts Festival 2019) still promises multiple showcases worthy of your curiosity and amusement. We’ve stripped down the Hue Festival programme to highlight five events worth going to:

Hot Air Balloon Festival

balloons at festival


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For three days, Hue is going to have numerous colourful hot-air balloons flying around the Citadel and you have the chance to get in one! Operators are selling tickets for visitors to get a rare first-hand, (non-flycam) birds-eye of the imperial city for a small sum, or a large one depending on how long and how far you want your balloon to go. For tickets, send us a message and we will point you in the right direction.

Ham Nghi Open Space
27th – 29th April 2019

Hue Craft Festival

hue crafts at Hue Festival


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The main event. The big whopper. 350 craft stalls. More than you can point a stick at. Everything from unicorn sculptures to peanut candy. Go have a gander. See if you can find a new mantelpiece or something to crown your living room table. Lots of weaving, lots of wood furniture, some pottery, some silk and some lanterns for good measure.

Tu Tuong Park
April 26th – 2nd May 2019

Vietnamese Traditional Medicine Exhibition

Yay! I love the wonders of Vietnamese traditional medicine and practices. This is top of my list. Alongside herbal medicines, there are also treatment services available on site. Whirl by and learn more about traditional Vietnamese medicine.

Quoc Hoc Square
20:00  30th April 2019

A Showcase of Vietnamese Gastronomy

culinary food
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A small exhibition of food presentation that will get your tummy rumbling. food from all regions of Vietnam that looks too good to eat. Get your cameras at the ready. #instafood.

26th April-2nd May 2019
Thuong Bac Park

Portrait Exhibition: Vietnamese Heroic Mothers

Artist Dang Ai Viet travelled from north to south to paint the portraits of over 200 hundred mothers whose children passed during the battle for the reunificaiton of Vietnam. The exhibition will be showcased throughout the Hue Festival.

25th April – 7th May 2019
Ho Chi Minh Museum
07 Le Loi Street

For a festival programme head to the Hue Festival building here or the Hue Festival’s official website.

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