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Drink in Hue: Nightlife Guide to Pubs, Bars and Clubs

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While Hue’s nightlife doesn’t compete with the big boys of South East Asia, it certainly isn’t short of options. The best bars in Hue are tucked around the city. Hue at night contains a charm very few others do. I recommend you don’t stick around the tourist area and push on through to some of these locations listed below. From bars and pubs to nightclubs, there’s a bar for everyone to drink in Hue. If you’re privy to a tipple, read through this article and make a list of places that are right for you.

DIY Cocktails and Garden Lounging at MƠ ĐƠ bar.

Mơ Đơ bar  is a hidden gem down an alley in the heart of the citadel and could quite possibly be Hue’s first bar northside of the Huong River. Run out of a bungalow, the bar is half garden, half indoors. Out of earshot from the city’s traffic, guests are surrounded by large plants, neon lighting and a great selection of music.

art bar in hue
Cocktails, beer and art exhibitions at Mơ Đơ (Taken from Mơ Đơ facebook page)

Mơ Đơ bar has to be one of the Hue’s coolest spots for drinking. It intends to facilitate the largely unvoiced happenings of a rich Hue art scene and a inner city retreat for the local creatives and counter-culture community. Aside from the standard beers and soft drinks, Mơ Đơ bar has a selection of custom-made cocktails that you can only find here. Prices are economical so you don’t have to break the bank to make your way through the menu.

So far Mơ Đơ bar have hosted performances and exhibitions by both local and travelling artists in Hue. They also screen independent films every Saturday night. Make sure to check their facebook page for any upcoming events.

1 Le Truc
Google maps
Check Mơ Đơ bar’s facebook page to see if any events are happening during the time of your stay.

Craft Beer in Hue

Craft beer has really taken strides in Vietnam. With cheap production costs, brew masters from around the world have relocated to Vietnam to create craft beer that competes with some of the best in the world. Vietnam-based breweries such as Pasteur Street, Heart of Darkness and Fuzzy Logic have won international and regional awards respectively. Although Ho Chi Minh City could be considered the city leading Vietnam’s craft beer revolution, other cities are now taking notice and there are now a handful of bars where you can drink craft beer in Hue.

Imperial Craft Bia

New to Hue nightlife in the summer of 2019. Imperial Craft Bia is Hue’s first bar to offer craft beer on tap in Hue from a variety of premium Vietnam-based breweries including; Heart of Darkness, East West Brewery, Pasetur Street Brewery, Tê Tê, 7 Bridges, Belgo Flemish beer and many more. The beers range from American-style IPAs, dark Belgium beer and some fruity beverages brewed with local ingredients. If your pallette has taken a beating from drinking the local beers of Vietnam, a beer or two at Imperial Craft will revitalise your tastebuds.

craft bia in Hue
An array of Vietnamese-based craft beer at the Imperial (From Imperial Craft Bia)

Imperial Craft Bia’s vast beer selection is constantly on rotation so there’s always something new to put your mouth around. The bar also stocks cans and bottles for those patrons who are looking for a craft beer takeout. The bar also includes a neat menu and make some of the best pizzas in town (trust me, I am a pizza fiend!)

Imperial Craft Bia
21 Ngô Gia Tự, Hue
Facebook Page

While Imperial Craft Bia have craft on tap, they’re not the only bar to have craft beer. The Cham Bar, which is run on the bottom floor of a hostel, also has a variety of canned and bottled craft beers. Coffee also available.

The Cham Bar
56 Nguyễn Tri Phương
Facebook page

Where to Drink Cocktails in Hue

Hue still doesn’t have a standard cocktail bar. If you’re looking for something more experimental and ‘heart-on-sleeve’, we strongly suggest heading to Mơ Đơ as mentioned above. But if its a James Bond date venue you’re looking for, consider these options. Hopefully a specialised cocktail bar to drink at in Hue will arrive sometime in the near future.

Indochine Palace and La Residence

Arguably the classiest joints in Hue. these two hotels have a range of cocktails, decadent furniture and a long list of cocktails to boot. Both have swimming pools and a range of Vietnamese and foreign food to keep you comfortable at any given time of the day. While Indochine and La Residence come up on the high end of the price list, you won’t be disappointed by their cocktails.

cocktail in hue
standard cocktail menu at the bigger hotels in Hue

Indochine Palace
105a Huong Vuong
Azerai La Residence
5 Le Loi

Le Domaine de Cocodo and Cocosnack Cococlub

Owned by the same person yet providing very different surroundings. Cocodo is a restaurant located within a stone’s throw of the Phu Cam church and has some decent facilities for a chilled afternoon by the facility’s swimming pool. Alternatively, Cocosnack is a American-themed diner in the middle of the tourist area. Both serve a large array of food including all strands of international cuisine. You’ll find manager Jennes at either of the two providing locations providing tireless and somewhat off-the-wall hospitality to his guests. He would hold it against me if I left his cocktails off this list.

Le Domaine de Cocodo
53 Ham Nghi
Cocosnack Cococlub
2 Vo Thi Sau

Where to Chill in Hue

I’ve reached the age that I prefer a venue with good music played at a respectable volume and somewhere I can lounge around all day, in and out of conversation with friends or new acquaintances.

Hue Zoo Cafe and Bar

Hue Zoo very much maintains the same hip-hop community-centric attitude that makes a lot of hip hop cafes around Vietnam successful. Big beats, low prices, a pool table and open throughout the day and nighttime! The menu includes a few beers and cocktails but also an array of soft drinks and coffee too. A great place to congregate with friends before setting off to explore Hue. A good place to drink for the hip hop-leaning Hue visitor.

hip hop bar in hue
New hip hop spot in Hue Zoo Bar and Cafe (Taken from bar’s facebook page)

Hue Zoo Cafe and Bar
36 Trương Gia Mô
Facebook page

Another popular youth hangout in Dope 75 in the town centre. Similar vibes but closer to the city centre. Their bar can be found at 35 Nguyen Cong Tru.

Extra Grit with Your Drink in Hue

There’s a huge generation gap in the drinking cultures of Vietnam. The younger people are leaning towards the bars and clubs that exemplify their buying power and social status. The older generations, albeit much more patriarchal in their boozing, go to the beer halls and show their social prowess by the amount of cans they can crush. Obviously, these are very 2-dimensional stereotypes put simply but if I was to choose one, I’d go for the latter. A lot of things to be learnt from the beer halls of Vietnam and a sense of kinship like no other I have ever experienced.

Pisshead’s Corner

My favourite place to take visitors for a drink in Hue. Pisshead’s corner was christened so by a former Hue resident due to its unpredictable nature and abnormal opening hours. Sat on the cross section of Dien Bien Phu in front of An Cuu river, there are various street food eateries and a streetside shop that stay open well into the night.

This isn’t the place for a relaxing beer but the serendipity of the people that drink here and the unusual events that unfold. There’s never been a time I have been here and something hasn’t happened. Perfect location for people-watching nightowls. Find a shop that sells beer, pull up a plastic chair, tolerate a language barrier and be friendly.  An adventure may find you.

Google Maps

Beerhall Mecca

The definitive Vietnamese drinking experience doesn’t take place in bars as you may know them but in the beer-drinking halls (quán nhậu) of Vietnam. At the quán nhậu, food and beer take equal significance but consumed at a fast pace. Drinking beer at the beerhalls of Vietnam requires a certain etiquette and places the fate of your evening in the hands of those sitting at your table. This also means that these beerhalls require company, ideal for groups no smaller than three people and its best to go with people who know how they work.

drink in hue
Who can handle their Hue wine best at the beer hall? Facial expressions indicate the winner.

If you’re feeling brave and want to take on the quán nhậu for your most unique drink in Hue, we recommend heading to this area where there are an array of beerhalls encircling a large pond after 6pm. The area is usually buzzing with groups spending their evening here for special occasions or just to catch up with friends. If you’re looking for the ultimate beerhall experience, we’re the best people to take with you! Make a booking on a Hue Grit Tour where we will teach you all the essentials for quận nhậu dining.

Hue Grit Tour

Hard Hitting Disco Clubs in Hue

That’s it! You’ve thrown your cards down and flipped over the table. You’re off the wagon. You’ve chosen to go wild and paint the town in Hue, Vietnam. Maybe you even came to Vietnam for the sole purpose of partying in Hue. I have no idea if you’re interested in this part of the article because you’re genuinely inquizzitive about the social nature of night clubs in Hue or if you’re just down to get down. Either way, here’s two landmarks of Hue nightlife that might interest you.

Vegas Club

Vegas Club is the newest ‘Vietnamese-style’ nightclub in Hue and boy did they put A LOT of money into the décor. Comically, a month after opening, Vegas bar was shut down for months after a police raid found a large amount of attendees in possession of illicit drugs. Back open and running once more with what I presume a more observant security force. Vegas provides you exemplary Vinahouse disco. A club experience that is more sensory than sociable. You are led to a table by a waiter and choose a beverage. Music that thumps the ear drums, blinding strobe lighting and a dubiously overactive DJ on the decks with intermittent performances by a colourfully-dressed dance troupe.

club in hue
Luxury club culture Vietnamese style at Vegas Club

You’re not expected to leave your table unless you’re heading for the toilet or vacating the club. I cannot think of a word to describe the service at these clubs but waiters tend to your table to open and pour your drinks as well as light your cigarettes. Interaction between tables is minimal meaning you’re not going to be making many new friends here. That isn’t to say there aren’t exceptions and people may invite you to their table for a drink.Vegas is definitely worth a visit for the experience of a Vietnamese nightclub if it interests you but don’t go buying an entire bottle of liquor before you and your party feel comfortable sticking around. Best visited in a group rather than alone due to the regimented style of the club.

Vega Club
79 Bà Triệu
Facebook page

Brown Eyes Club

Brown Eyes has a well-earned reputation as the best club in Hue as it successfully bridges the gaps between Vietnamese people, foreign residents and tourists and gets everyone dancing together…or at least within proximity. A great place to meet new people. There’s a dance floor, a pool table and even an outdoor area to escape the indoor intensity. The playlist at Brown Eyes is nothing inspiring and largely consists of chart topping pop hits which at times can be cringe-worthy. This won’t be an issue for you if you can overcome bad music for the sake of a good time.

Brown Eyes isn’t really a place to relax, staff can be overly aggressive to sell you drinks and slow to get them to your table. Prices are also some of the most expensive in the tourist area. The club is something more akin to what you would find on the tourist trail or back in Europe, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for everyone.  It’s definitely the place to be during the later hours of Hue nightlife and you’re looking for a pumping club. Be warned that the sign outside may say ‘open until the last one passes out’ but don’t challenge the bar staff on it, you may need to head to the yonder for your nightcap drink in Hue.

Brown Eyes
56 Chu Van An
Facebook page

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