Competition May 2018: #SticktheGrit. Winners Announced!

competition hue grit tourFor May 2018, we at Hue Grit Tour had an instagram competition and the competition has come to a close. Considering the competition lasted an entire month, we only had five entries. Considering that we had five prizes on offer it’s great that every entry won! It also great to see entries include three different continents and four different countries. Downside is, it was a bloody PR disaster. Nevertheless, we had great fun organizing it and we learnt some valuable lessons. See below for the winning entries!

Winners of #stickerthegrit May 2018:

Runner- Up #5: @mimielinin ‘I love Grit!’

Stick the grit tour hue

Thanks to Elin from Taiwan for this entry. Well-captured. Elegant and cut-out to complement the Apple laptop. Scores zero on the grit spectrum and pipped to forth place on the next laptop-based entry.

Runner- Up #4: @tai-sayonara

Stick the grit tour hue

Awfully shot. Laptop abused with terribly-stuck stickers. And two people, presumably students, looking perturbed but slightly curious by the ordeal. That looks like Grit to me! It’s only brought to forth place by the perception of a staged shot but definitely a positive contribution to the Grit revolution.

Runner-Up #3: Emma ‘Hue Grit Tour goes places you may never have imagined’ (USA-Facebook Submission)

Stick the grit tour hue

Great photo shot in the cold months of the northern USA. I haven’t seen snow like this for years! Industrial and agricultural. Industries of the working class. Element of danger, never put your hand around a rolling wheel. Beaten by the rebellious nature of the next picture.

Runner- Up #2: Antonella (Argentina-Facebook submission)

Stick the grit tour hue

Well-shot. Highly likely isn’t appreciated on public signage. We always applaud a bit of anti-establishment action. Will result on some poor bugger having to scrape it off at some point. Love the choice of the flamboyant sticker too.

Winner: @rhandavies: ‘Back to the Fucking Grit’

Stick the grit tour hue

Well, What can I say? Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck looking battered and bloated from a night out. Holding up the black slates for mug-shots before spending the night in drunktank. Well-placed sticker on a rusting bus parked up on Thuan An Beach. Leopard print sticker edition. ‘Back to the fucking grit’. We have a winner.

Winners Prizes

Congratulations to Rhiannan who gets a free pass of a wild night out in Hue. Our runners-up will receive the latest print of our limited addition t-shirt that is…yet to be finished and printed….graphic designers only have themselves to blame for their reputation. We’ll be in touch soon for your details!

Thanks for joining us!

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Competition Hue Grit Tour


Competition Hue Grit Tour

Competition Hue Grit Tour

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