Video: Hue, Vietnam. History and incredible drone shots by Citizens of Everywhere

Citizens of Everywhere Hue Grit Tour
Video Still: Tu Do Sports Stadium

Hue was recently visited by vloggers Citizens of Everywhere. The young travelling historians crafted together a bitesized 2-part mini series of Hue. In the series, Aaron and Adam detail some of the more unique facts and landmarks dotted around the city. There are also some top-quality drone shots in the video. Watch the video below!

Video: History Lessons in the Old Capital

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Video: Vietnamese Traffic in Central Vietnam

My friend Mitch came to visit me in Central Vietnam recently. We spent three days between Danang, Hoi An and Hue, which I wrote about here.

On our way to Hue, we stopped at Phu Bai town for a nuoc mia (sugarcane juice) and a cigarette. We chose a nuoc mia cart perched besides a crossroads and watched the Highway 1 traffic roar past. It’s very easy to people-watch on street corners and delve into existential thought. The high-level of traffic can keep you entertained for hours.

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Video: the Awakening of the Hue Citadel

The Best Time to See Urban Vietnam

The best time to see urban Vietnam is through the break of dawn. A friend and I recently agreed on this and shared hot-tips on where in the Hue Citadel we like to watch the city awaken. We aren’t the only people to think this. Small cafes are often full of customers before most foreigners are even awake. They sit facing the roads, drinking coffee to the crescendo of traffic that roars by. Everything is in transit and dawn provides optimism to the day’s grind. Read more “Video: the Awakening of the Hue Citadel”