1. small loose particles of stone or sand.
2. courage and resolve; strength of character.

comparative adjective: grittier;
superlative adjective: grittiest
1. tough and uncompromising.


We curated these experiential tours for people like ourselves, people that want:

  • authentic environments.
  • a deeper socio-cultural understanding.
  • new experiences.

We will not manipulate or warp the places we visit on our tours for the sake of faux cultural exhibitionism. We will not stage authenticity or  mollycoddle our guests. Grit is unpolished urban environments in all their raw beauty.

How Grit Started...

Mid-2017, a friend and I came up with the idea of giving tourists an experience of 'the rawest urban atmospheres' and would encompass 'shock, surprise and awe.' The anti-tour experience for the budding anthropologist.

Things have developed somewhat but the principles remain the same. We are here to provide you with raw environments and we want to elicit the exciting historical narratives and social ballets that surround us without sensationlising it. Grit is for those who came for something different.

About Luke...

I have lived in Vietnam since 2011. What was supposed to be a one year stay turned into perpetual residence. For the most part, there was something about Vietnam that I couldn't put my finger on.Once I hit Hue in 2016, it clicked.

Hue for me is a cultural microcosm that embodies the country's characteristics as well as a fitting rperesentation for its past, present and future. 

The Hue Grit Tour provides me the opportunity share with you my perspective on Hue and Vietnam. I hope you will agree that the insight I provide in blogposts and on tours is as unique as I claim!