Beach Of Hue: Thuan An Fishing Town. The Allure of the Sea

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Thuan An Beach for 2019

Thuan An is Hue’s closest beach. Around 15KM from the city centre, it isn’t as tourist-convenient as the beaches that serve Hoi An or Danang but it’s charm and the variety on offer makes it a worthy day trip. Thuan An is a small fishing village with a population of around 21,000. While a resort and some villas have cropped up, Thuan An has retained it’s strong cultural identity tied closely with the sea. Ultimately, this means cheap seafood, cheap beer, strips of sparsely-populated beach and an authentic culture to discover!

Video: Hue, Vietnam. History and incredible drone shots by Citizens of Everywhere

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Video Still: Tu Do Sports Stadium

Hue was recently visited by vloggers Citizens of Everywhere. The young travelling historians crafted together a bitesized 2-part mini series of Hue. In the series, Aaron and Adam detail some of the more unique facts and landmarks dotted around the city. There are also some top-quality drone shots in the video. Watch the video below!

Video: History Lessons in the Old Capital

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Cafe Nha: Fantastic Homemade Lunch in a Rustic Hue Cafe

Homemade lunch hue grit tourHow Authentic is Your Lunch?

Visitors to Vietnam will tell you that local food is a divine exploration of the palate. Although flashpacking foodies travel with a golden bucketlist of dishes, it is easy to forget that no culinary experience can be more authentic than one in a home. Unless tourists stop in an intimate homestay or are invited to eat with a Vietnamese family, they may not have the opportunity to eat homemade food. Cafe Nha in Hue is changing this. In contrast to the fast-turnaround noodle shops and beer-centric restaurants, Cafe Nha have brought the household culinary experience back for lunch. Read more “Cafe Nha: Fantastic Homemade Lunch in a Rustic Hue Cafe”

Competition May 2018: #SticktheGrit. Winners Announced!

competition hue grit tourFor May 2018, we at Hue Grit Tour had an instagram competition and the competition has come to a close. Considering the competition lasted an entire month, we only had five entries. Considering that we had five prizes on offer it’s great that every entry won! It also great to see entries include three different continents and four different countries. Downside is, it was a bloody PR disaster. Nevertheless, we had great fun organizing it and we learnt some valuable lessons. See below for the winning entries!

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