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Hue Grit Tour: Alternative Tours of Vietnamese Culture

Hue Grit Tour started in 2017 on a mission to give tourists the adventure they came for. Bored of the monotonous packages companies offer in Vietnam, we aim to do things differently; that is to present guests with real Vietnamese culture in all it’s raw glory. We primarily aim for you to leave our tours with a better understanding of contemporary Vietnamese life and with experiences you may have never thought of doing before.

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Grit Tour Hue Vietnam massage
Cupping massage (giac hoi).

Hue Grit Tour: Tours Currently Available:

The Original Hue Grit Tour: A night of Sociological Serendipity.

Hue Grit Tour

the Hue Grit Food Tour:  An Evening Exploration of Food From the Imperial City.

Understand Hue Grit:

An exploration of environments that tour companies wouldn’t think of working with in Hue Vietnam. We’ll show you why they’re relevant.

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