Experiential Travel

Our tours include new experiences to demonstrate a
deeper cultural understanding.

Off the Beaten Track

We take you to environments that cater for the local population rather than tourists.

Kinaesthetic Tours

We design our Grit tours to facilitate a strong engagement of the five senses, leaving stronger memories!

Dark Tourism

We explore cultural differences that effectively demonstrate common values as human beings.


We don’t deal in commission-based visits. Our relationships with local businesses are built on friendship.

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What is Grit?


1. Small loose particles of stone or sand.
2. Courage and resolve; strength of character.


1. Tough and uncompromising.
Comparative adjective: Grittier
Superlative adjective: Grittiest


1. To venture off the beaten track for a better cultural experience.

Why Grit?

We curated these experiential tours for people like ourselves – people that want:

a deeper socio-cultural understanding

Our tours are driven by our love for anthropology and we connect the places on our tours to the larger theme of what defines Vietnam's identity today.

new experiences

Grit tours bring a greater sense of involvement. You'll be experiencing things rather than just seeing them.

Authentic environments

We opt for locations popular with people that live here rather than those that serve foreign guests.

Food tours in Hue
  •   We joined Luke on the experiential tour, that's currently still under development. The group had a unique experience on the interactive and thought -provoking tour, with Luke encouraging discussion amongst... read more


      Regrettably we only had a short time to sample all the great food in Hue, so we decided to make the most of it by booking the food tour. Tai... read more


      We had a great time during the tour. We discovered a lot of interesting food, and part of the city. The guide is very knowledgeable, and speak a very good... read more


      In Phong Nha we we got a tip to book a food tour with Luke when in Hué. Unfortunately at the beginning of our tour my friend felt sick so... read more

  •   We were recommended to take the street food tour with Luke and are so glad we did! It was a really fun evening exploring a dozen types of food /... read more


      We booked onto the food tour following a recommendation and we had the most brilliant evening! We met Luke for a delicious salt coffee and it was clear from the... read more


      Luke is a fantastic guy, who really made me think about the development of Vietnam and Hue in particular. We tried some flippin' delicious food, some of which we never... read more


      This was hands down the best tourist tour we ever did. Luke did the tour with the two of us by himself. We stopped at several streetfood locations and got... read more

  •   During this tour Luke uncovers rare gems that most travellers are unlikely to find. I highly recommend this tour to anyone with a sense of adventure who wants to veer... read more


      Now I never usually leave reviews on anything but this time I felt I had to. I booked a food tour with Luke at fairly short notice, but in reality... read more


      Tour was great - Luke showed us another side of Hue food - every place was a little different but everything was delicious and interesting. We had already tried some... read more


      If have any interest in experiencing the soul of Hue and getting off the tourist trail and maybe getting a little loose, the Grit tour is for you. Ken showed... read more

  •   Want to fall head over heels in love with Hue and have a super authentic adventure that most travelers don't get to experience? GO ON THE HUE GRIT TOUR. I'm... read more


      Luke set us up a tour earlier than they normally would as we flew out that evening. Truly a varied tour: We had our palms read and the guy was... read more


      Our family of four (two teen boys) had an awesome night on the Food Tour with Luke. Delicious Hue food from a variety of street food vendors and local restaurants... read more


      Thank you so much for the amazing evening! Luke and Ken were super friendly and taught us a lot about Vietnamese and Hue’s culture. The food was absolutely delicious, diverse... read more


Meet the Operator

Hue Grit Tour Luke Digweed

The original concept behind Grit Tour is to give visitors a guided yet more authentic perspective on modern-day Vietnamese society. Too many times, people go through Vietnam stuck between wondering around the tourist areas and taking tours that pacificy the vibrancy of a Vietnamese neighbourhoods. We get you out of the tourist traps and show you how we enjoy some of our favourite places to visit. Since then, our tours have expanded while our principles remain the same.

Luke Digweed



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