Experiential Travel

New experiences with demonstration and a cultural understanding.

Off the Beaten Track

We take you to environments that cater for the local population rather than tourists.

Kinaesthetic Tours

We aim to design our tour to facilitate an engagement of the five senses.

Dark Tourism

We explore cultural differences that effectively demonstrate common values as human beings.


We don’t deal in staged interactions or commision-based visits to keep each tour unique.

Hue Grit Tour

The original Hue Grit Tour! Understand the city after business hours. We take you to numerous life-at-night locations. Alternative culture tour.

  • Start Time : 17:00 - 18:30 ( Hours: 5 )
  • Location: Hue, Vietnam.
  • Included: Food, drink, transport.
  • No of Guests: 1-6 (private groups may include more guests)

Hue claims home to around 80% of Vietnamese dishes. Grit Food is an anthropological approach to Hue's finest.

  • Start Time : 17:00 - 18:00 ( Hours: 4,5 )
  • Location: Hue, Vietnam.
  • Included: Food, drink, transport.
  • No of Guests: 1-6 (private groups may include more guests)
Experiential tour (Copy)

A discussion-based tour that brings guests and tour guides together to discuss modern-day issues surrounding Vietnam and Hue.

  • Start Time : 8:00 - 13:00 ( Hours: 3 )
  • Location: Hue, Vietnam.
  • Included: Transport, soft drinks.
  • No of Guests: 2-4
  • Reviews
  •   We joined Luke and his partner for an experiential tour, and it was a fantastic experience. The tour aims to engage with the tour group and promote thought and discussion about the current issues in Hue. The tour is still in its development phase, but...More

    thumb georgehW352CP

      Want to fall head over heels in love with Hue and have a super authentic adventure that most travelers don't get to experience? GO ON THE HUE GRIT TOUR. I'm not usually a big fan of tours, but the Hue Grit Tour is not your...More

    thumb kassHoD

      We spent 4hours with Luke with my partner. The food tour was really good and well organise. Luke knows some stories and History about Hue. So we have appreciated. All the tour was understandable. After the tour he gaves us some advices to visit Hue....More

    thumb Coralie M
  •   Luke is a fantastic guy, who really made me think about the development of Vietnam and Hue in particular. We tried some flippin' delicious food, some of which we never would have ordered on our own - all 'proper' street food too. Tay was also...More

    thumb LightningLiv

      This was hands down the best tourist tour we ever did. Luke did the tour with the two of us by himself. We stopped at several streetfood locations and got more food than we could eat. All the while Luke told us interesting facts and...More

    thumb LinaK_1988

      Thank you so much for the amazing evening! Luke and Ken were super friendly and taught us a lot about Vietnamese and Hue’s culture. The food was absolutely delicious, diverse and well selected. To sum up, this food tour is everything you’re looking for :...More

    thumb 165alixl
  •   We joined Luke on the experiential tour, that's currently still under development. The group had a unique experience on the interactive and thought -provoking tour, with Luke encouraging discussion amongst ourselves about various topics of history and cultural evolution. A really unique experience that's much...More

    thumb 971millyb

      Last night my husband and I joined the Hue food tour lead by Luke and Ken. They were extremely accommodating both before the tour and during. I have a peanut allergy and my husband is allergic to prawns - both very prominent in Vietnamese cuisine....More

    thumb Lauren C

      We had a great time during the tour. We discovered a lot of interesting food, and part of the city. The guide is very knowledgeable, and speak a very good English. I would recommend this tour.

    thumb 253dimitrid
  •   Regrettably we only had a short time to sample all the great food in Hue, so we decided to make the most of it by booking the food tour. Tai took us to all the local spots we wouldn’t have found on our own sampling...More

    thumb patrickrowan

Hue Grit Tour

Beginning in 2017, Hue Grit Tour set out on a mission to take guests out of the tourist areas and into the depths of urban Vietnam. Our goal is to deliver boutique tours that provide guests with a greater understanding of the city of Hue and Vietnamese culture through kinaesthetic exploration. That means we take you to authentic settings that intrude upon the five senses rather than play it safe and describe them to you. Frankly, we are bored of the same dribbled narrative and staged authenticity so many companies complacently rely upon. This is Grit, we explore unpolished urban environments in hope that you can engage with the soul of Hue and to a greater extent, Vietnam.

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