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Hi! My name’s Luke. I’m from England and I’ve been living in East Asia since 2011. I started the’ Grit Tour Hue Vietnam’  towards the end of 2017.  Although I’ve tried to leave Vietnam more than once, I’ve found myself always returning for more of what this country has to offer. There’s nothing I love more than having eye-opening experiences on my doorstep and the opportunity to explore a society different from the one I grew up in.


I wouldn’t really consider myself a travel expert but I certainly love exploring other countries. While travelling to different countries , I felt I wasn’t getting a genuine experience of the communities I visited. Treading the well-worn ‘banana pancake trail’ of South-East Asia, trying to escape it was exhausting. Anyone who has been to Thailand will be all too familiar with this!

Most tour groups in Vietnam have a misconception of what tourists want to see. Some of the guides I have met have even admitted they wouldn ‘t want to visit the locations they work at. Tours usually include environments that are, what I like to call, ‘tourist constructs’ or devoid of a real cultural atmosphere.

Speaking with others travelling through Vietnam, I have created this tour to provide an insight to modern-day culture. One that is all too familiar with it’s inhabitants but barely noticed by it’s visitors.

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