About Hue Grit Tour: Itinerary and Introduction to the Nightlife Tour

About Hue Grit Tour

  • This is for people that want a taste of a real, urban Vietnam.
  • We will take you to places that heighten your curiosity.
  • We want to elevate your sense of culture shock.
  • This is not for people who want 5 star service and European decor. You may feel mildly offended.
  • We’ll only push you as far as you will go; whether that’s an unpeeled shrimp or a cat’s genitals.

About Hue Grit Tour

The Setting for the Grit Tour

An old imperial city caught between the opposing sides of the civil war, Hue is in a continuing battle between multiple polemics; old versus new, traditions against conventions, nepotism competing with entrepreneurs, Marxist Communism fighting neo-capitalism. Where these fights are all but over in most of Vietnam, Hue’s stricter policies on conservation mean these battles are still found on every street in the city. We intentionally pass these battles through the evening, others by chance.

About Hue Grit Tour

the Schedule

The tour is approximately 4-5 hours. You will visit 5 venues including the meeting point. These locations depending on what we think you will enjoy.

We refrain from displaying precise details on our tour to prevent mimicry. At the meeting point, we’ll discuss in more detail the schedule and make any changes if required.

Contact us to find out if this tour is right for you.

1) Meeting Point

To  begin the tour, you will meet your guide at a cafe renowned for being a cornerstone of Hue’s slowly-growing sub-cultural movement.

2) Eat

For dinner, we will stop at Hue’s nightlife district for a full introduction to the Vietnamese cultural equivalent of the speakeasy. This will be far from a relaxed dinner. Exotic and/or vegetarian options available upon advanced request.

3) Share

We will head to a more intimate environment where the locale frequent to pour out any pent-up emotions through the medium of music.

4) Play

We will provide an introduction to a highly popular game among the working class citizens of Vietnam.

5) Conclusion

our final destination depends on your preference. Multiple possibilities will be discussed with your guide over the duration of the evening.

Customizing Your Grit Tour

Your satisfaction is key to the success of the tour. If there is anything you specifically are looking for. Tell us when booking your tour or inquire through our contacts form.

About Hue Grit Tour

Hue Grit Tour

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